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by Slucket

The Posiflow system is the first recirculating deep water culture hydroponic system that utilizes patented Slucket technology.

Posiflow systems are driven by positive water pressure through its lower manifold to recirculate water and oxygen to the plant's root zone.

Posiflow Systems start at $760

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Sloped Design

Our patent pending zero waste design allows gravity to do it's thing. With sides that gradually slope down to our center valve, there is no place for water or messy organic nutrients to build up and hide. This design eases the burden on your pumps, allows for a full rinse of the plant and makes cleanup a snap. The Slucket allows growers to nearly eliminate residuals and carefully craft the perfect crop.

Connect Your Sluckets

We've engineered Slucket as the ultimate DIY growing solution. With standard sized fittings, it's easy to connect your Sluckets together using pipes, fittings and valves found at your local hardware store. See our technical specs page for details.

All Growing Methods


Whether operating a continuous flow operation or using deep water culture methods, the Slucket can adapt to both.


Prefer growing your plants in soil? No problem, simply insert our cone filter into the bottom of the bucket and you are good to go. Every last drop of water can be evacuated leaving your soil perfectly intact.

Still not convinced?

These features alone make Slucket the only choice for serious growers.