Growing Methods

The Slucket System is unique by design because it can be utilized in all three of the most common growing methods

Deep Water Culture (DWC)

The Slcuket system is made up of two manifolds; the lower has two functions, feed nutrient rich water to growth modules and allow draining.  While system is running, the lower manifold allows equal exchange of nutrients into each bucket/module through the 1” port at the bottom of the Slucket. This introduction of nutrients through the lower manifold allows each plant to eat independently and the same time. (There’s no waiting for nutrients to be pulled from one bucket/module to the next.) The second function of the lower manifold allows for total evacuation of the nutrient solution, leaving zero residual behind when doing water change outs. This is achieved by using the same pump that feeds the system to empty it as well, through the centralized 1” port in each Slucket. The 3” top manifold allows water to return back to the control bucket/module, this ensures proper exchange of nutrients and creates better flow throughout the Posiflow system. Posiflow system exchanges 3 times faster than competitors’ in the market. Why is this important? Posiflow balances nutrients quicker and more efficiently even without a doser. (Other systems need dosers to mix nutrients prior to being introduced into Epicenter/Control module, due to flow restrictions). Growers will save massive amounts of time while maintaining a cleaner system overall compared to other Recirculating Deep Water (RDWC) systems.


With the patented slope design and easy bottom drain port, Slucket is the preferred growth container used in this method. Feed lines connect easily using either PVC or the SMD (silicone) bucket connectors. EBB & Flow is a simple hydro setup it’s still subject growers monitoring pH, water temperatures, and keeping a clean/sterile system. When running the Slucket system in an Ebb & Flow configuration, the system is filled an drained from a reservoir on a cycle timer just like a tray system. In the photo shown loose Rockwool (GrowPito brand shown in picture) is used to allow large plants to be grown which is usually limited when using traditional Rockwool cubes.  The sloped design of the bottom of the Slucket container allows for complete drainage at the end of each EBB & FLOW cycle. This process uses a Slucket Bucket with no 3″ side port in it. 

Drip to Waste/Drain

Using a fabric pot, simply drop it a in Slucket bucket with your preferred media (soil or coco). Growers can make bottom drain connection with either pvc joints and piping or SMD (silicone) bucket connectors. As Growers feed plants waste water is evacuated via bottom drain port, leaving zero residual inside the Slucket bucket. Drain lines collect waste water, that can be recycle utilizing water filtration systems.