Plumbing Options


The Sluckets can be plumed with 2 different methods. Although we suggest our Silicone pluming parts for various reasons outlined below, they can also be plumed with standard PVC tubing. 



SMD (silicone modular design) Utilizes molded silicone tubing sized for pre-determined spacing for your RDWC system. SMD eliminates plumbing labor out of the Posiflow system by connecting silicone tube using special heavy duty barb couplers for bottom line and metal band clamps for top line. Couple factors make SMD perfect for indoor growing conditions, silicone rubber and color.  Silicone rubber is a great insulator, holds the temperatures while PVC or plastic pipes heat up very quickly. SMD has two layers; interior black silicone prevents light penetration and white exterior layer is highly reflective.


The Slucket buckets can be assembled with standard off the shelf PVC tubing like our competitors. Although we suggest using our SMC pipes because of the advantages listed above, the systems operate functionally the same. Pluming would be performed with 1″ and 3″ tubing as required for assembly. While not recommended, PVC can be used to assemble a RDWC system. Posiflow systems were originally designed utilizing PVC piping, we found through R&D, PVC is not economical to ship and build with. If PVC is the way you’d like to build your system, we’d be more than happy to give you layouts to ensure proper flow exchange in your Posiflow DIY. If you like to cut plastic, smell glue and like being on your knees for long periods of time then I guess PVC is the way to go.